Robert William Connolly

Robert William Connolly

Hello and welcome to Tesla’s Medicine. I spend most of my time writing books, making films and lecturing on a wide range of subject matter about ancient lost and future technologies. I’m not a doctor – however, as an educator, my current focus is on complimentary medicine. My recent past projects include the production of “Timeless Places” – an ancient mystery travel TV series and a companion interactive CDROM called The Search for Ancient Wisdom.  This is a wiki page for those that are interested.

I’m currently producing a trillogy of 90 minute feature documentaries, companion print/eBooks and free “making of” social media clips about Nikola Tesla’s inventions in medicine. The first film – Tesla’s Medicine: The Universal Fluid is about magnetic fields and is online here.  These films will form the basis of my live mixed media lectures and workshops in “Frequency Therapy.” In addition to traditional pharmaceuticals, frequency therapy is an emerging field of study where energy is used as a complimentary therapy to treat a wide variety of disease.

To make the films and books both informative and accurate, our crews traveled the world to purchase a wide range of energy based medical devices based upon Tesla medical technology to study in our own laboratory.  We wanted to observe for ourselves, the biological effects of sound, light and magnetic fields that Tesla’s medical devices have on plants, insects, animals and most importantly – humans.

We first test the product professionally, publish the results in medical journals and then present these results in a way that is simple to comprehend for the general public – as a series of feature documentary films in 4K-UHD with Dolby 5.1 surround sound and interactive Apple Video eBooks for customers to download.  My eBooks provide a more in-depth “interactive diary” view of my 10 year journey in search of Tesla’s lost medical technology.

Instead of hotel ballrooms or auditoriums, I prefer to give lectures in movie theatres.  In this configuration, the audience sits in comfort and views my interactive presentation on a big screen in surround sound, and then after the lecture, the audience can experience for themselves, Tesla’s historical and modern licensed frequency therapy medical devices in adjoining meeting rooms in a trade show format.

I look forward to share with you, my journey of discovery live at these events or via the internet as downloadable feature films and interactive books.

Robert (Bob) William Connolly