Hello, my name is Robert W Connolly.

I’m a published author, digital journalist and a public lecturer on a wide range of subject matter. I’m not a doctor – however, as an educator, my current focus is on complimentary healthcare. My past projects include the production of “Timeless Places” – an ancient mystery travel TV series and in this TV media, my name is often confused with another TV producer/director named Robert/Bob Connolly that lives in the land down under – in Australia! So, to avoid confusion, professionally, I add my middle name William or a single W initial to my full name. This is the wiki page for those that are interested.

However, most people just call me Bob and I’m OK with that.

I’m currently producing a trillogy of 90 minute feature documentaries, companion print/eBooks and free “making of” social media clips about Nikola Tesla’s inventions in medicine.  They form the basis of my live mixed media events that are presented in movie theatres. Instead of hotel ballrooms or lecture halls that offer powerpoint presentations without music or sound effects,  the audience views my lectures on Tesla’s Medicine on a big movie screen in surround sound – and most importantly in comfort with unobstructed views and clear audio.

The presentation provides an introduction to “Energy Medicine” for educational purposes to the general audience using movie theatres and in full day workshops for medical conferences, trade shows and conventions. In this configuration, the audience sits in comfort and views the film on the big screen in surround sound and then experiences Tesla’s historical and modern licensed medical devices in meeting rooms and restaurants. For individuals that cannot attend live lectures, I make the movies available online as full length feature films in 4K-UHD with Dolby Atmos surround sound and inside interactive Apple eBooks. We also have our own portable 15 foot screen, laser projector, a surround sound system, and video cameras for indoor and outdoor live events.

The subject matter of healing with Tesla’s magnetic fields is extremely vast and their use in medicine is often veiled to not make a medical claim for intended use. Products that add energy to the body are often referred to as wellness devices. If the device has a medical licence, usually the manufacturer is not allowed to make a claim the it treats a specific disease.  General terms such as “it reduces inflammation” instead of reverses arthritis is advertised.  I discovered a rich history behind the technology, but I found it difficult to explain to friends and family why this information is not readily available to the public. I was often asked ‘If it’s so amazing, why has my doctor not told me about it?

The mission of my film is to answer that question.

The first completed film in the lecture series is called Tesla’s Medicine: The Universal Fluid.  It details Nikola Tesla’s historical research in high frequency electromagnetic field therapy that he invented and personally used well over 100 years ago. In the first 90 minute episode that is currently making the rounds at film festivals and in private test market screenings, I share my ten year journey through former Soviet Union East and Western Europe hospitals and factories to obtain Nikola Tesla’s medical inventions that employ the use of energy, frequency and vibration. The European medical system, especially in the German speaking countries, use a complimentary blend of pharmaceuticals that can be enhanced with the use of Tesla’s electromagnetic field medical devices.  Two follow up feature films will document the use of Nikola Tesla’s light and vibration healing machines that are currently in use in North America. These films are in the can and are currently in post production.

As a documentary producer/director dealing with what is considered to be a highly controversial subject, especially at this time with so much public distrust in the healthcare industry,  I felt that it was important to first research the history of our modern western medicine which at one time included the “lost” medical inventions of Nikola Tesla.  This research provided an eye opening view to understand what has shaped the current government politics that drive both public and private healthcare all over the world.  I’ve learned that “Energy Therapy” that was extremely popular was once banned, but is now being reintroduced into our medical system as licensed medical “wellness” devices.

The confusion that both the public and medical doctors have recently experienced in respect to vaccines and the therapeutics to treat viruses, has resulted in a great distrust of the governmental healthcare regulating bodies that are entrusted to provide guidance to its citizens.   The entire world is currently going through a huge shift in how medicine is practiced, especially here in Canada where I live, as the Canadian provincial governments are now promoting privatized healthcare. I am hoping that my series of films and lectures can be used to help inform the general audience and educate the medical professionals that want to add Tesla’s resonant physical vibrations, light and magnetic field therapy to their home and to their practice.

Personally, I feel that many writers and producers of educational science documentaries are faced with limited budgets and short delivery dates. The writers briefly research the subject matter using only commercial website materials and published articles in journals. The directors then rely on profesionals to supply “talking heads” for narration to tell their story. With the loss of traditional broadcast television advertising to the internet,  documentaries often become industry funded and are expertly disguised to soft sell featured products. With this aspect in mind, our productions are totally self funded, without the influence of a broadcaster or the medical industry. Over 100 hours of original on location footage document our scientific research on the historical inventions of Nikola Tesla and the modern products that utilize his technology.

We purchased a wide range of energy based medical devices to study in our own laboratory.  We wanted to observe for ourselves, the biological effects of the magnetic fields that Tesla’s medical devices produce on plants, animals and humans. We first test the product, publish the results in medical journals and present these results in a way that is simple to comprehend for the general public.

During the research and filming of Tesla’s Medicine, I have observed that the main problem the public and professional healthcare providers face, is that there are virtually no approved credited public or private medical institutions that teach the subject of “Energy Therapy” that utilize sound, light and magnetic fields. When looking for independent information not financed by industry, it seems that the majority of educational books on this type of alternative medicine are mostly well disguised marketing tools to either sell a product or to raise the author’s public profile and speaking fees.  For me, the only logical solution to find the truth in a sea of mainstream media and internet disinformation,  was to travel to the foreign Eastern European countries that manufacture these “energy therapy” machines, and then interview the doctors that use them in their exclusive clinics and hospitals. I also interviewed their patients to understand their success stories.

I found that the scientists that improved upon Tesla’s technology are often very modest and are especially not interested in publicity. Many fear reprisals from the pharmaceutical industries or government bodies that regulate advertising for medical products. Our crew’s mission was to film the factories that manufacture the medical products, purchase the medical devices to bring home to test in our own laboratory and then share the results with medical doctors and the public that wants to take charge of their own healthcare.

Finally and most importantly, we want to bring these devices to life in our film presentations so the audience can get a chance to personally experience Tesla’s energy medicine. I look forward to sharing my journey of discovery with you in person at these events and via the internet.

Robert (Bob) William Connolly