As the world emerges from the Covid pandemic, self-care seems to have become the most important topic we face today. Surveys show that the public no longer puts their blind trust in their government or even their own doctor when it comes to determining what is best for their personal health.  A majority of the population have lost faith in the pharmaceutical industry and are now seeking complimentary medicines that use ‘Nature” to lessen the side effects.

One example is the cannabis plant that is now legal in Canada after it had been proven to be a safe complimentary medicine to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy. It’s now a multibillion dollar regulated industry that competes head to head with the pharmaceutical industry.  As a Canadian, I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. The Canadian Cancer Society now lists Cannabis and  Energy Therapy as a complimentary form of healthcare for cancer patients.

Energy therapy often refers to a type of healthcare where electricity is applied to the body. This may be in the form of high frequency electric fields that become visible to the eye as rays of light or low frequency electricity produced by the earth’s magnetic field. These frequencies of nature can be artificially recreated with one of Tesla’s most famous inventions – the Tesla coil. The human body absorbs these electric fields produced by nature, and through an electro-chemical process, converts them into a form of energy that powers the human body.  That human bio magnetic field is a form of electric energy and can be transferred to humans, animals and even plants.

In his laboratory, Tesla often demonstrated to spectators, the transfer of electric power directly into patients using his patented Tesla coils. This method often included the merging of artificial electromagnetic energy with his own bio-magnetic field by directing the energy into the patient through his hands. Modern research in quantum medicine has confirmed that the use of therapeutic touch, historically known as “animal magnetism” can increase the energy of the patient’s human bio-field. He incorporated the Tesla Electrotheraputic Company to manufacture medical devices to allow medical doctors to treat their patients in the methods that I have just described.  Sadly, these inventions and methods of use were prohibited from the course curriculum of medical teaching universities in favour of pharmaceuticals.

There are several reasons for this. Although they were extremely popular over one hundred years ago, they were removed from official use for licensed medical doctors and then eventually discontinued because of a lack of scientific studies that are required to advertise the devices for sale to the public.

The Return of Tesla Medicine

Worldwide, socialized healthcare systems are under great stress and are currently shifting towards self-care because governments can no longer support the explosion of costs to treat chronic disease in the elderly. Sudden deaths among the youth have caused private insurance companies to raise their rates to a point where the public are forced to decide on paying either their mortgage or insurance premiums.  The introduction of private healthcare in socialized countries have not been well received by the aging population who feel that their lifetime of taxes should cover the cost.

Here in Canada where I live, medical colleges are now teaching medical professionals how to provide private healthcare and bill the patient accordingly for services not covered by the government.   Health Canada, a medical device licensing body within the Canadian government, are now licensing Tesla’s light and electromagnetic field therapy medical devices for use by medical doctors.  In the United States, medical doctors are now opening private “Wellness” clinics to offer Tesla medicine because it is not covered by health insurance for use in public hospitals.

One major problem that the public and medical professionals currently face, is locating qualified educational instructors, related text books and course materials that teach “energy therapy” in traditional medical colleges and universities. The focus of this website is to present educational materials, popularized by Nikola Tesla, in a wide variety of formats and that includes feature documentary films, to allow the public and medical professionals to make informed decisions as to how they can best implement Tesla’s “Energy” Medicine into their business or home “wellness room.”

Robert W Connolly