Cannabis is now legal in Canada after it had been proven to be a safe complimentary medicine. It’s now a multibillion dollar regulated industry that competes head to head with the pharmaceutical industry.  As a Canadian, I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.

The Canadian Cancer Society now lists Energy Therapy as a complimenatry form of healthcare for cancer patients on their website.  Studies now show theraputic touch can influence the human bio-field.  They also recommend Yoga as a way to relieve the side effects from conventional chemotherapy and gamma-radiation treatment.

As you can see there are big changes going on in healthcare here in the “Great White North” of Canada. Our socialized healthcare system is getting a facelift, mainly because the Canadian government can no longer support the explosion of chronic diseases and the privatization of our healthcare was inevitable. The government is now legalizing natural medicines, light therapy and electromagnetic medical devices that were once extremely popular over one hundred years ago but were discontinued to support patented medicine. This website tells that story.

One problem that the North American public and medical professionals face at the moment is locating qualified educational instructors and related materials about how these “energy therapy” products work. The focus of this website is to present educational materials in a wide variety of formats to allow the public to make informed decisions as to how they can implement “Energy Therapy” and “Nature Medicine” into their business or home “wellness room.”

In addition to natural medicines and food products, the subject matter of the Tesla’s Medicine documentary, companion books and website involves the use of energy as a form of therapy to treat plants, animals and humans. This energy may come directly from the geomagnetic fields of the Earth as electrons or from electromagnetic machines that have been invented to simulate it.

Energy Therapy may originate from natural sunlight as photons to provide a wide range of visible and invisible healing frequencies such as infrared and ultraviolet light. These frequencies can be artificially created for use in far-infrared deep tissue heating detox saunas or in the control of viruses and cancers such as T-Cell lymphoma by using ultraviolet-B light.

Forests absorb the carbon dioxide that we exhale and return oxygen that we consume for energy. What a marvelous relationship we have with trees!  When ultraviolet sunlight touches that oxygen, it creates ozone which can destroy mold and viruses that are harmful to animals and humans. We feel the sun is good – and we teach you to use the healing fields of sunlight safely. Using ultraviolet light, we can excite quartz crystal that was grown inside the earth to purify our water and our body too.

Cannabis is now legal in Canada and large factory farms in Cannabis cultivation are becoming popular. To improve crop growth, Light-Emitting crystal Diodes (LEDs) – of red and blue produce the colour magenta, which is the ideal light to grow healing fields of cannabis plants inside spacious windowless warehouses here in Canada – all year round. Ultraviolet B light then increases the THC component of Cannabis. Healing fields of plants activated by healing fields of light.

The message that we want to convey in our films is that – as a society that is currently embracing technology – we are loosing our contact with nature. To survive, we need to take a break, go into nature to heal, ground ourself to the earth and recharge our body.  For some of us that live in cold climates like I do, it’s important to learn how to recreate the healing fields of nature inside our home. We need to take healthcare into our own hands and create our own sanctuary – a healing room that recreates nature. This website, our companion books and documentary film will teach you how to accomplish this.

The Natural Product Revolution

Jeff Bezos of purchased the Whole Foods grocery store chain because he felt that savvy well informed internet shoppers are health conscious and often will pay more money for “Natural” foods. These potential customers research alternative websites and look for a product description and labeling to see if it is grown organically without pesticides. Does it contain GMO, a Genetically Modified Organism? How much fluoride is in the bottle of water?  Are preservatives added to provide for long shelf life? Usually, when the word “Natural” appears on the packaging the buyer thinks it is safe to eat and their individual health criteria is being met.  But in the real world of misleading advertising – that is a false conclusion.

We all know that the word “Natural” is derived from the word Nature and most of us think that natural products are grown as nature intended without the use of pesticides. Plant the seed in the full spectrum light from the sun, pour on some distilled rainwater from the sky, use abundant minerals from the earth to grow the ideal plants, and then sell it locally. These naturally grown foods are then fed to our farm animals that graze outdoors in the pastures under natural sunlight and are cared for without the use of antibiotics and hormones.

From these natural ingredients, we can farm “healing fields” of vegetables and healthy animals like our grandparents did over 100 years ago. In Europe, you will still find these types of farms, but here in North America it’s a rarity.

Famous Vegetarians We Admire

The World Health Organization has recently declared preserved meat products to be a a known cause of cancer. Vegetarians are rejoicing and pointing this out to friends and family members. One of the names that you are going to become quite familiar with in our documentary and in these pages is “Nikola Tesla” who was an outspoken vegetarian. His fame is ever growing as a cult icon in the tech community and his beliefs are bleeding over to the “spiritual but not religious” world where a life as a vegetarian brings enlightenment, a heathy mind and body too.

“In the twenty-first century, natural food such as milk, honey, cereals will be the basic epicurean dinner in many restaurants.” Nikola Tesla

Tesla was often seen visiting one of the very first vegetarian restaurants in New York and was an admirer of Bernard Macfadden who was known for starvation diets to treat disease. This is what he often said to reporters that questioned his diet:

“Bernarr Macfadden has shown how it is possible to provide palatable food based upon natural products such as milk, honey, and wheat. I believe that the food which is served today in his penny restaurants will be the basis of epicurean meals in the smartest banquet halls of the twenty-first century.” 

Tesla was especially fond of honey and in our documentary you’ll discover why. Bees are indeed amazing creatures that can see ultraviolet light, navigate by using the magnetic fields of the earth as a GPS system and then communicate with other bees and humans by altering the vibrational sound of their wings.  They also produce the most amazing medicine that was highly prized by the kings of Egypt.

Scientists today think deeply instead of clearly. A man must be sane to think clearly, but it’s possible to think deeply and be rather crazy.” Nikola Tesla

The historical art of our documentary centres around the inventions and personaltity of Nikola Tesla who was extremely conscious about his health. He wanted to live a long healthy disease free life and discovered that the viruses and germs from the unsanitary conditions at the turn of the century were abundant in foods.

He was ridiculed for the obsessive compulsive behaviour of cleaning his eating utensils and knew all too well about the dangers of harmful bacteria in uncooked meat and the viruses that pass from person to person – especially through a handshake. Disinfection chemicals, antiviral soaps and modern antibiotics were not yet invented.

Tesla was right to be concerned — he lived 20 years longer than the average person in 1943 — when he died at the age of 86. In our documentary and books, we will explore Tesla’s secrets for health and life extension.

Tesla was ridiculed because his diet in his later years consisted of oatmeal, vegetable soup and honey and he spoke of living off the ambient photon energy from the sun.  Tesla knew that food products that come from the honey bee are nature’s miracle medicines because the pollen and nectar they collect where first activated by the sun and then converted by into honey to create a powerful antibiotic anti-inflammatory drug.

Too few people today are aware of how these products were used to in ancient history to prevent infections, delay the onset of Alzheimer disease and even treat cancer.  In segment on The Healing Fields of Plants, we detail the various types of pollens that have been proven to prevent disease, such as cancer in mice.

Bees are currently suffering from colony collapse disorder and the European Union has acted to ban the pesticides which have been proved to cause their deaths. In our episode on electromagnetic fields, we demonstrate how waves from our cellular technology may affect the bees’ nervous systems.

Tesla Invented Technology to Recreate the Gifts of Nature

Tesla was a big fan of forests and took long daily 8 km walks through the healing fields of New York’s Central Park to feed the birds. This exercise provided him with nature’s best medicine and today we find that ‘forest therapy’ is extremely popular in countries such as Japan.  It’s actually prescribed by doctors – they write a prescription for nature medicine. Tesla discovered that walking through the natural geomagnetic fields that rise up from the earth will recharge trillions of cells in your body just like the generator recharges the battery in your car – another invention of Tesla.

Tesla spent a great deal of time in his New York city laboratory creating prototypes, but his full scale power generation stations were manifested beside natural wonders like Niagara Falls or erected in remote parts of the country close to natural forests and away from the coal fired pollution of the big cities.

Tesla discovered that he could send electricity along the surface of the earth, using its natural resonance, a heartbeat of about 10 cycles per second or 10 hz.  In the late 60’s, German scientists using a grant from Nasa, confirmed this 10HZ frequency was biologically important to the functioning of the human body and now many magnetic field therapy devices utilize this frequency. Astronaughts must have the 10 Hz resonance magnetic fields of the earth to survive in space. We are electric beings that continually need to be recharged by the natural healing fields of the earth.

Tesla’s vibration of matter was one of his most important secrets

Tesla also focused his mind towards the exploration of vibrations of matter. Resonance was the key word. He had invented a healing apparatus that could vibrate his body and noticed that it had wonderful effects on the circulation of digestive organs, the liver, the kidney and spleen. These vibration machines were eventually adopted into hospitals  where electricity was abundant because of it’s proximity to Niagara Falls.

Today, whole body vibrations of 40 hz sound waves from chairs are now being used to treat disease such as Alzheimers and fibromyalgia.  Electromagnetic fields and sound waves from headphones are currently used to bring back the memories of patients with dementia.

Moving up the sound spectrum to sounds that we can’t feel or hear, HIFU – High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound devices use vibrating ceramic discs to treat prostate cancer. They literally shake the cancer to vaporize it.

Tesla first discovered that by varying the cycles per second or Hz, he noticed significant biological effects on himself and others in his laboratory. Some were injurious and others were highly beneficial to his health. So began his venture into the practice of what has come to be known as vibrational medicine or frequency therapy. He is most known for his “high frequency apparatus.”

He lectured on the benefits of taking what he termed to be electric baths and incorporated the Tesla Electrotherapeutic Company in 1906 to sell his healing inventions to the world. In feats of showmanship to audiences that feared his medical devices were not safe,  Tesla would often cause his body to light up into a halo of ultraviolet light that would instantly kill all the microorganisms on the surface of his skin and in the room too!  The smell of ozone would drift through the air and became a focus of his research.

Tesla then moved onto inventing lighting devices that could replace Edisons incandescent light bulb. Using high frequencies and powerful currents that were at his disposal, he could recreate the sun by using a carbon arc lamp. This became popular in hospitals for full spectrum and ultraviolet light therapy.  He then went on to select other earth elements  such as crystals, phosphor and gasses inside of vacuum tubes to produce specific frequencies of fluorescent light. Neon signs and laser technology has it’s roots in these inventions.

Lightning and its Relationship to Nature

During a thunderstorm, the lightning in the clouds create ultraviolet light. When that spark of nature touches oxygen, it enriches it and creates ozone. This is the fresh clean smell that you notice just after the storm. The air is now highly charged with ozone which is just an enriched form of oxygen called o3. The air now has three molecules of oxygen and that oxygen is extremely healthy to breathe at the very low doses after the storm. Ozone after a lightning storm, kills the harmful bacteria that is circulating in the air and when inhaled, it circulates through our lungs and into our blood stream to promote wellbeing. Many hospitals in East and West Europe put tiny amounts of ozone into the ventilation systems. Here in the West, ultraviolet light is used to purify the ventilation systems.

Tesla was the Master of Lightning

Tesla came to be known as the master of lightning and there are plenty of pictures that show him sitting in his remote laboratory surrounded by long streamers of electricity. This is the ultimate example of one way to generate enough ozone in a few seconds to kill any virus that happens to be lurking in his lab. He soon learned how to create continuous controlled streams of ultraviolet light right out of thin air and when it was mixed with oxygen it produced ozone.

Tesla decided to patent a portable version of his lightning generator for hospitals and incorporated the Tesla Ozone Company to accomplish this. He found ways to capture the effects of ultraviolet light and oxygen and passed the ozone gas though olive oil which absorbed it’s magical healing properties. He sold the oil to doctors to treat a wide range of skin diseases. He produced a device called the Violet Ray which was a hand held Tesla coil with a glass tube filled with gas. I was a portable lightning generator to create ozone on the skin.

“In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.” Nikola Tesla

All forms of ultraviolet light are dangerous to be exposed to for extended periods and Tesla knew that glass would not allow for the transmission of ultraviolet light. To make ultraviolet light for healing diseases, quartz crystals were melted down and formed into tubes that contained one drop mercury. The mercury vapour was ignited by Tesla’s high frequency apparatus waves which resulted in radiations of ultraviolet light. The transmission of ultraviolet light though the quartz crystal seems to give it magical powers.  Shine ultraviolet light on milk and mushrooms and it will add vitamin D to the food. That is one process they use to fortify food with vitamin D. It’s best to get our vitamin D naturally from the sun’s ultraviolet B rays as that is the best form of nature medicine. In the winter months, we can recreate this process in a tanning salon too.

Tesla became an expert in the quartz crystals that are grown naturally inside the earth because they became the basis of our radio communications. Its a process that he had originally patented and the world continues to improve upon. The vibrations of quartz lies at the heart of our modern wireless world.  Put electricity into a quartz crystal and it will vibrate. Vibrate a quartz crystal and it will create electricity. Resonate a quartz crystal singing bowl and it will broadcast piezo-electicity at the frequency of the tone of the bowl. Send electricity through the air and quartz crystals will capture that energy and convert it back to electricity. This process became the first version of commercial radio and everyone bought “a crystal” radio. It was not often called a radio at that time – it was called – The Crystal. “What’s playing on the crystal tonight honey?”

Scientists are now inventing liquid “Time Crystals” based upon quartz cylinders that are activated with magnetic fields from Tesla coils. They have the capability of extremely fast quantum computing without the need of super cooling.

The Perils and Promises of Tesla’s Inventions

We are standing at the edge of a completly new dimension of healthcare. It’s based upon oscillating frequencies that are regulated by quartz crystals and delivered by machines via Tesla’s most famous invention – The Tesla Coil. That invention also lies at the heart of our telecommunication industry and with it comes healing and harm to plants, animals and humans.

Tesla exposed himself to tremendous amounts of harmful electromagnetic fields that were absorbed by water within his body, just like water absorbs the frequencies and gets hot inside a microwave oven.  Tesla found ways to purge these harmful fields by using his medical devices and the gifts from mother nature.  By altering the frequency generator to deliver magnetic fields that were health promoting, he could reset his body’s cells back to the natural resonance that is provided by the earth.

However Tesla knew that it was very important to take the real nature medicine that consisted of long daily 8km walks through Central Park to absorb the natural magnetic fields of the earth, the ultraviolet light of the sun and breath in the oxygen from the trees.

For those of you that are addicted to Tesla’s wireless technology, you’ll discover that it comes with great peril unless you practice nature medicine to counter the side effects. Chronic over exposure to electronic technology is similar to overconsumption of food or drugs.  It’s all about the dose.  If you spend too much time indoors sitting in front of a wireless computer, or laying in bed with a portable tablet on your lap while listening to music on your cell phone via a wireless headset – you most likely will feel the side effects of the microwave frequencies that are used for wireless connectivity.

Sharing my Experience and the Journey to Recovery

There is an explosion of diseases and disabilities in our youth today. Anxiety and depression and even early dementia is being observed in people in their teens. If you ignore the warning signs like I did, such as the phantom vibration ring in your hip pocket when the cell phone is placed on the nightstand, the headaches, pains in your shoulders and back, the nausea, ringing in the ears and brain fog – it can turn into a serious disease.

To counter these diseases of modern civilization you have to add a daily digital detox to your routine. Get out into nature and run or walk and especially leave all of your gadgets behind and that includes your cell phone. Listen to the sound of nature, absorb the sun on your body, breathe the fresh air in the forest, eat a lunch of unprocessed locally grown fresh food and raw honey – just like Tesla did.

At home, put your WiFi on a timer that turns itself off at night and sleep in a bedroom that has no artificial electromagnetic fields. Emulate camping outdoors in the forest so only the earth’s natural fields are reaching you. This is the time the cells of your body go from defending you from environmental stress and toxins that are encountered in your daily life, to the attack mode to search out and destroy any viruses that may have invaded your body.

My book and documentary is all about eating healthy and living safely with wireless communication technology. I am not advising no technology – your phone is your personal assistant, your computer, your music, your bank, your camera – your connection to friends and family. You need to learn how it works to use it safely. It uses waves of wireless electric frequencies to communicate. However, your body absorbs these frequencies and the cells treat them as stress and it can produce unwanted side effects.

Tesla knew how to counter these side effects by getting out into nature to absorb the earth’s natural fields. He also recreated the healing effects of nature in his laboratory. Tesla’s miracle of lightning was frightening to the public that was just getting used to the electric lightbulb that replaced gas street lanterns.  Tesla was ahead of his time. The world is now ready for the Tesla’s Medicine.

I invite you to join me on my journey to explore the history of his new Energy Therapy.