Tesla’s favourite food was honey and he often remarked about it’s curative powers. Honey bees travel up to 5 km from their hives to locate pollen that will be used as food for their offspring. They can see the reflection of ultraviolet light in some plants that are a preferred source of nectar. It’s here were we introduce the theme of Healing Fields of plants because of the medicinal powers of bee pollen.

In this segment on plants, we explore the relationship between the honey bee and the ancient Egyptians as the tears of Ra, their Sun God.  Bee pollen, venom, and honey was widely used as medicine and as a food.  Honey comes from the plant’s nectar that has been activated by the sun to create a wide range of health benefits.

The bees are currently suffering from colony collapse disorder and scientists are trying to find a way to enhance the bees immune system. We travel to visit Dr Magda Havas, an environmental professor at Trent University in Peterborough Ontario Canada to document a study she is performing on the effects of magnetic fields on bees and plants.

In the late 60’s. CIA polygraph expert Cleve Backster (sometimes spelt Baxter) ran tests on plants using  his lie detectors to observe how plants respond to stress. We confirm these studies and discover that plants do feel the bio-field of the human body when in close proximity. In addition they can respond to quartz crystal singing bowls when they are resonated.  We also visit an organic farm to perform test on plants to see if magnetically charged water can enhance the growth of plants.

The nectar of the cannibis plant is highly psychoactive and can be enhanced with the use of ultraviolet light. Canada has recently legalized the use of cannabis as a therapeutic and recreational drug which has led to the birth of a multibillion dollar industry that seeks ways to grow cannabis all year round indoors.  We discover a special colour invented by NASA to increase the growth of plants.