Healing with light

Let there be light. Tesla said “everything is light.”  In the beginning of my research on energy therapy, I assumed that light was something that either came from the sun or from artificial lighting and it could be seen with out eyes.  I soon learned that there is all sorts of light that we can’t see with our eyes but is clearly visible to insects and animals, mainly in the form of ultraviolet or infrared.  I was a bit surprised to learn that almost everything that lives radiates light in the way of bio-photons. This light can be seen with sensitive cameras and it can usually detect the health of a cell.

Light therapy plays an important part in our Healing Fields series and you’ll discover that the original source of healing came from the sun. The Egyptian temples are covered with hieroglyphs of the sun and most people think that they worshiped it as God. However, if you look deep into the teachings of the ancient mystery schools you will find that the frequencies of the sun, especially in the ultraviolet range, brought good health to the human condition.

Technology allowed us to break apart the sun’s rays into a wide spectrum of colors and each one seems to a a specific effect on the body.