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“Tesla’s Medicine” is a multimedia project that consists of a series of documentary films and companion print/interactive eBooks on the subject of healing with sound, light, electromagnetic fields and the elements of nature. Electrons from the earth, photons from the sun, music, pure water from natural springs, and minerals in the soil cause plants to grow healthier naturally in organic farm fields. Bees then collect pollen and nectar from these fields, which in turn fertilize the plants that eventually become our food and medicine.
The health challenges we face today are similar to the bees. In the winter months we loose contact to nature and our immune system is compromised. One solution, called “German Medicine”, based on technology that recreates nature using sound, light and electromagnetic field therapy machines is popular in private clinics throughout the world. This site provides an in-depth look into the artificial “Healing Fields” of nature that were developed by the worlds most famous inventor – Nikola Tesla.