Dr. OZ Introduces PEMF to North America

Tesla’s therapy returns to the US

With the invention of the Internet, the German-speaking companies created websites in English to offer the sale of their devices directly to a worldwide public that had lost faith in their doctors and their prescribed pain medications that were no longer working.

In 2011, Dr. OZ, the popular television MD, learned about PEMF Bio-beds from one of his Hollywood friends that had therapy in Switzerland and he decided to go out on a limb and reintroduce Tesla’s (PEMF) Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to his American TV audience. He stated in his opening remarks “I am more excited about this show than any other show I have done this season. Today, you are going to change the practice of medicine.” He then asked his audience to download a report from his website about magnetic field therapy and take it to their doctor! He said they were not being taught about it in medical schools and they should be.

The effect that the OZ episode had on the North America audience was like dropping an atomic bomb on the American Medical Association, the FDA and big pharma all at one time. Thousands of doctors from all over America were swamped with patients who brought them an article from the OZ website.

The healthcare agencies reacted to this new information too – and in a positive way. We now are quickly seeing these devices becoming legally licensed medical devices here in Canada and in the US they are offered as “wellness” devices. The last hurdle is to get “Tesla’s Medicine” accepted into the course curriculum of western medical universities. Doctors need to be educated to the methods of how magnetic fields and light therapy can be used as a complimentary medicine. Magnetic fields make drugs more effective, you heal faster, pain free with fewer side effects.