The first of three full length feature documentary films have been released, and this first episode presents Tesla’s medical inventions that produce a magnetic field to treat the patient. The following is a brief synopsis of the first episode.

The emphasis I place on Nikola Tesla and his electric medicine, comes from the realization that Nikola Tesla was very influential as being the originator of an extremely advanced form of a high frequency magnetic field generator that is known as a oscillator.  Tesla’s oscillators were connected to various configurations of large Tesla coils that were created by winding great lengths of copper around wood cylinders to create a powerful alternating electromagnet field.  That field, when passed through the human body at various frequencies, would have a dramatic biological effect on the human body. Bones would quickly mend, depression was lifted, blood would circulate freely, pain was cleared, viruses were destroyed – and for Tesla and his workers – they became more intelligent.

Nikola Tesla envisioned building schools and hospitals with large flat spirals of Tesla coils embedded into the walls which could be energized to produce healing fields of magnetic energy to treat a wide variety of diseases and even improve the student’s mental performance. Magnetic healing became so popular in the mid 1920’s, hundreds of thousands of people owned their own Tesla coils for use in the home. It was widely adopted up until the mid 1920’s.

With the formation of the FDA and the American Medical Association, governmental regulatory agencies decided that university course curriculum for therapeutics in sound, light and Tesla’s electromagnetic field therapy would be omitted from the classroom. To become a licensed medical doctor, you would need to attend one of 13 schools that were selected to teach doctors to only prescribe medicines that were patentable. This omission of Tesla’s medicine from western medical schools and the banning of advertisements for magnetic field therapy led to the eventual discontinuation of Tesla’s magnetic field therapy in western medicine.  However, its use in the countries of the former Soviet Union flourished.

Nikola Tesla is also credited with creating our electrical AC power distribution system and radio. With these inventions, there is also a potential to overuse our modern electrical technology. Over exposures to the wrong frequencies of magnetic fields can cause health effects mainly because we have lost our connection to the natural magnetic field of the earth that regulates our immune system.  The public is confused as to what technology is dangerous and what is safe to use.

After reviewing confusing historical and current subject matter about magnetic fields on the internet,  I decided the only way possible to get an accurate perspective on the harms and benefits of Tesla’s “lost technology” was to travel to countries where his inventions for magnetic medicine are still being manufactured and in use in public and private hospitals to treat a wide variety of what are considered to be incurable diseases. There, I interview top medical doctors, tour factories that create their magnetic field therapy “Tesla Coils,”  and visit museums dedicated to Nikola Tesla and his medical inventions.  I learn about the secret frequencies that are used to heal and how to avoid the frequencies that harm our health.

This first film, “The Universal Fluid,” introduces the audience to a hidden historical perspective of Tesla’s magnetic field medical technology and takes the viewer on a colourful tour of East and West Europe to examine how it is used today – in secret. The film documents its rise to fame and demise in the west, its migration to the former countries of the Soviet Union, then into the German speaking countries of Europe and its inevitable return to North America to be used as complimentary western medicine.

The return of Tesla’s medicine is good news and is timely for a public that has lost faith in pharmaceuticals, but with it, comes “disinformation” from manufactures and sales agents that want to market their magnetic field therapy products to an unsuspecting public that is looking for alternative treatments. We showcase and experiment with a wide variety of these energy medical devices that feature the Tesla coils that are connected to frequency generators that “pulse” a magnetic filed into the human body. The film will provide the audience with a good understanding of how to incorporate magnetic field “Frequency Therapy” as part of their healthcare regimen.

The film ends with highlights how magnetic fields can also be used to treat diseases in insects and documents a method how to stop colony collapse disorder in the honey bee population.

  • Nikola Tesla Healing Rouse

    Newspaper article that shows Nikola Tesla healing a patient with his Tesla coil