Most people know of the Tesla automobile that Elon Musk manufactures, but few people realize that Nikola Tesla invented the induction motor that powers it. That motor also functions as a generator of electricity and Tesla’s AC alternating current generators are currently used to power our planet. The first episode of three full length documentary films has been completed and this episode presents his medical inventions that produce magnetism to treat the patient. The following is a brief synopsis of the first episode.

The emphasis I place on Nikola Tesla and his medicine in this first feature film and companion training materials, comes from the realization that Nikola Tesla was very influential as being the originator of extremely advanced high frequency magnetic field generators that are also known as oscillators.  These oscillators were connected to various configurations of Tesla coils that were produced by winding great lengths of copper around wood cylinders to create a powerful electromagnet. Nikola Tesla envisioned building schools and hospitals with large flat spirals of Tesla coils embedded into the walls which could be energized to produce healing fields of magnetic energy to treat a wide variety of diseases. Magnetic healing became so popular in the mid 1920’s, thousands of people owned their own Tesla coil for use in the home.

With the formation of the FDA, the AMA, organized medical schools and patent regulations for pharmaceuticals, it was decided that course curriculum for medical therapeutics in sound, light and electromagnetic fields would be omitted from the classroom. Licensed medical doctors would learn how to prescribe medicine that was patentable. This led to the eventual discontinuation of Tesla’s medicine in western medicine.

The first film in the trilogy is titled “The Universal Fluid,” and it introduces the audience to a historical perspective of Tesla’s magnetic field medical technology. It documents its rise to fame and demise in the west, its migration to the former countries of the Soviet Union and its inevitable return to western medicine inside legally licensed medical devices.  The return of Tesla’s medicine is good news for a public that has lost faith in pharmaceuticals, but with it comes “disinformation” from manufactures that want to market their magnetic field therapy products that are now just reaching the shores of North America.

After reviewing this subject matter on the internet,  I decided the only way possible to get an accurate historical perspective was to travel to countries where his inventions for magnetic medicine are currently being manufactured and  are in use in public and private hospitals. Here I present my personal research in a 90 minute documentary film and companion interactive journal in a lively travel show format that can be enjoyed by families of all ages.

  • Nikola Tesla Healing Rouse

    Nikola Tesla heals patient with his Tesla coil