The Bees

Bees are currently suffering from colony collapse disorder and are not surviving winters because of impaired immune systems caused by overuse of pesticides. Bees follow the magnetic fields of the Earth to navigate to and from their hive. During the course of the film we have discovered that our wireless telecommunication technology also impairs their capability to navigate.

The health of the bees seem to mimic the health of our population.  We sit behind wireless computers at home or in offices bathed in unnatural artificial light.  We stare at our cell phones even when we spend time at the parks in nature. We have become creatures that are so ill during the winter time that hospitals have to erect medical tents outside so patients don’t pass on the viral infections to doctors and staff through the air ventilation systems. Our immune systems seem to be collapsing and antibiotics are no longer working.   The gifts of modern civilization have taken their toll on our minds and body, but in reality we have lost our contact to nature and we need to find a balance.