The High Frequency Apparatus

Episode 2 – The Vital Light of Nikola Tesla

Tesla is often seen in pictures where he sits in his laboratory surrounded in lighting bolts that originate from his towering Tesla coils. It was here during these flashes of lightning, he noticed that there was a fresh smell called ozone that was created when the electrical streamers merged with the oxygen and nitrogen in the air.  This led him to create a portable device to generate ozone on demand. He discovered that it killed viruses and bacteria everywhere in his laboratory, but also on the surface of his own body.

Tesla and many other doctors at that time believed he had successfully found ways to neutralize disease, bacteria and the harmful viruses using frequencies far above the 60 Hz that is used for electrical power transmission. Tesla’s ‘High Frequency Apparatus” became popular in private clinics where the patient was placed in a round cage and then energized to produce a blue corona discharge on the body of the patient.

He eventually incorporated the Tesla Ozone Company using $200,000 of his investors capitol to produce machines for sale to private doctors, public hospitals and eventually the general public as portable hand held devices known as the violet ray.  Tesla found that he could store the disinfectant powers of ozone inside olive oil, and he eventually sold it to doctors to treat a wide variety of skin conditions.