Most people know of the Tesla automobile, named by Elon Musk because of Nikola Tesla’s invention of the induction motor that powers the car. Tesla became world famous because he was the inventor of our modern AC alternating current power distribution system. This page is dedicated to his discoveries in healthcare which few people know about.  They are centred around is patent – the Tesla Coil.

The emphasis I place on Tesla in the various videos that you will see here comes from the realization that he was very influential as being the originator of extremely advanced magnetic field therapy. He envisioned building schools and hospitals with Tesla coils embedded into the walls when doctors were still shocking their patients with early versions of TENS machines.  I want to introduce the audience to a historical perspective of  Tesla’s medical technology, follow it’s demise here in the west to its migration in Eastern Europe and finally its return as a legally licensed medical device here in Canada and acceptance as a wellness device in the United States.

Here in these pages and in my upcoming 90 minute documentary film, I present my journey that began in 2008 in search of Tesla’s medical devices that created “Healing Fields” of energy medicine.  The goal is to produce a documentary film,  an interactive university medical text book and a personal digital diary that details why we know so little of Tesla and his miracle “lost but rediscovered” medical inventions.

Few people know Nikola Tesla for his medical inventions that involved the use of electomagnetism and light to treat a wide variety of disease.  Tesla won the war of currents and a place in history with his AC power distribution system, but his ventures into free wireless energy failed because investors felt it could not be monetized effectively. Enforcing patents and regulating their use was a problem then as it still is today. Similarly, the ever popular use of Tesla’s electricity in western medicine fell to the wayside with the introduction of the AMA, the FDA and patented drugs that could turn a healthy profit for it’s corporate shareholders.  However, with the birth of the internet, the public is now doing the research to look for suppressed technology and have decided to take healthcare into their own hands.

For example, natural remedies such as Cannabis was once widely used until it became a restricted narcotic, then banned altogether only to have it recently return as a prescrition medicine or a recreational drug in countries such as Canada where I live. Cannabis was proven to be a safe complimentary treatment especially for cancer patients, so my government decided to decriminalize this nature medicine to allow the population to grow the herb at home without fear of criminalization.

In a similar fashion, Tesla’s electromagnetic medical marvels brought healing fields to the patient via his Tesla coil. The devices would emit oscillating waves of various frequencies consisting of low frequency pulsing magnetic fields to treat pain, acoustic vibration machines to detoxify organs of the body, high frequency cancer killing radio waves and ultra high frequency ultraviolet light to create ozone to deactivate viruses.

Electricians rushed out to build or purchase these machines and without any medial training started to use them on patients. The Electrotherapeutic Association was formed in Buffalo with chapters in Hamilton and Toronto because electrical power became available to public and private hospitals that were in close proximity to Tesla’s generators at Niagara Falls.  Hospitals in Buffalo became famous worldwide by offering Tesla’s treatments and cures for the most serious of diseases and they could boast a very high success rate.

However, since the patents for the methods that were used on these devices were practically unforceable, and Tesla was not interested in defending them either, a whole wave of useless electrotherapeutic devices soon came onto the market that were mostly manufactured by charlatans and con med whom wanted to capitalize and prey upon a trusting public desperatly looking for cures that their doctors could not supply. Many devices were no more than just expensive powered boxes to flash lights and move meters in attractive hardwood casings. If they cured the patient at all, and they often did, it was the placebo effect – a belief from the patient that this new “electric” technology from Tesla could cure their disease.

Tesla’s medicine was difficult to understand how it worked and the doctors that used it often told patients controversial theories that their machine were even capable of tapping into the healing powers of the spirit world.  These devices, known as Radionic machines,  were medical devices capable of broadcasting a special healing field to the patient – even if they were not present in the room.  Medically trained doctors complained to congress about these devices and formed the American Medical Association to organize the practise of licensed medicine. The FDA Food and Drug Administration was formed to regulate the use of drugs and energy based medical devices. Manufactures now had to prove their drugs and medical devices worked before they could be sold to the public.

This became a rigorous costly procedure that required the help of independent universities to conduct the studies, and since you could not patent frequencies of electricity – few companies decided to licence their devices. Tesla’s medical inventions gradually dissapeared from western medicine after the AMA decided to omit them from the course curriculum text books that doctors used to pass their exam to legally practice medicine.  Eventually, doctors were only trained to prescribe FDA approved prescription drugs and specialists in the human anatomy were taught the best practices in surgery. All electricians and medical doctors that held onto the practice of “theraputics” such as magnetic field therapy, light therapy, and hydrotherapy were considered to be “quacks.” Hospitals could not purchase unlicensed machines for therapy and what remained in the way of electrical appliances was mainly used for Xray diagnostics. In general, electricity could be used to diagnose the patient – but magnetic fields were officially deemed to have no effect on the body.  Tesla’s healing machines were eventually removed from all western medical text books.

While western medicine was seeing a gradual progression towards a healthcare system based upon patented medicines, Tesla’s medicine had remained and were further improved upon by countries that practised socialized healthcare where the government paid for the health and wellbeing of the public.  Countries of the former Soviet Union and the German speaking countries of Europe realized that Tesla’s medicine could be used as complimentary therapy.  The government of Canada observed the success of cannabis as a natural medicine and along with it came the energy therapies known as “German Medicine” so they eventually lifted the difficult licencing restrictions that were previously placed upon it.  In the USA – the FDA has created a new category called “wellness” devices for Tesla’s medicine. The FDA no longer requires proof that the device works before it can be sold as a “wellness” device.

This news is very good in the way that Tesla’s medicine is making a comeback in North America. It’s also very bad news for the unsuspecting public because the quack devices have returned in full force. The internet is “rife” again with webpages created by conmen selling boxes of flashing lights that do little more than the placebo effect.  This website is dedicated to presenting reliable tried and true scientific information about Tesla’s energy therapy and the devices that have been in use in the countries were it never fell out of favour. We remind you that it’s not alternative therapy. Our research has shown us that there is a world were modern medicines and natural energy therapy can be combined and enhanced to have a greater healing effect without the common unwanted side effects from drugs that we have all become familiar with. Hospitals in Europe are using less drugs because they are more effective when combined with magnetic field therapy.

The New Media Brings the Message

We are gradually witnessing a change in the mainstream media in the way it reports the addictive opioid drugs and antidepressant medicines that have those unwanted side effects that are frightening the public away from the family doctor.  The public have turned away from broadcast television – especially news media organizations that are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.  The informed public have discovered the alternative social media platforms where alternative natural health products are offered.

Elysium – A World Now Available To Us

Hollywood now realizes that the public has abandoned broadcast television and internet giants such as Netflix have stepped into the entertainment arena by producing exclusive documentaries that demonstrate the dangers of prescription drug addition.  In the blockbuster science fiction movie Elysium (video preview above), leaders of an earthbound drug addicted society try to invade Elysium, a utopian space station that circles the earth. The orbital inhabitants all enjoy robotic servants and a disease free lifestyle courtesy of home MED-PODS that use electromagnetic fields and light to heal. Neill Blomkamp, the producer/writer/director of the film emphasizes the film is allegory and that there are healing machines like the Med POD that exist today. It’s his political statement saying that the poor in our society are being intentionally kept chronically ill on medications and the corporations are withholding the cure – which he believes is “Healing Fields” of energy generated from machines that are portrayed in the film. It’s his message movie.

The reality we now face is that the devices featured in that science fiction film actually do exist. They may not heal serious diseases as quickly as demonstrated in the film, but the devices we have uncovered for the Healing Fields project closely mimic the healing devices featured in Elysium. In my case, as I live in Canada, I have filmed them in hospitals as the Canadian government has given Tesla energy therapy the green light to be used as complimentary therapy along side traditional care. However, there are still problems that the Canadian public must bear to use these wonderful medical marvels. The Canadian public healthcare system does not want to pay for them. Canada is now implementing a two tier system and expects the pubic to pay their doctor directly or get enhanced private insurance for their use.

Unlike the USA where almost all healthcare is insurance agency funded, in Canada the costs of healthcare is funded by the individual provinces. Each province has a regulating body that licences the physicians to practice medicine and up until recently doctors could not directly bill the patients. This has recently changed and medical doctors are now allowed to charge the patients directly for services that are not covered by the government. Unfortunately, Tesla’s energy therapy devices are now legal to be used – they are just not covered by the government. There is no incentive to bring them into public hospitals unless the hospital administration staff can send a bill to the government.

In the USA, these “wellness” devices suffer a similar fate. There is no classification that the hospitals can use to bill the patient’s insurance company as they are not FDA approved medical devices. There are a few Tesla type magnetic field therapy devices that are FDA cleared for issues such as non-union bone fractures and many insurance companies do cover its use if the bone refuses to heal after waiting several months. In reality the governments of the North America are now setting up a system similar to the one used in the German speaking countries of Europe where the pubic purchases Tesla’s energy therapy devices for use in their home – and it’s about time!

We are all familiar with the living room, the dining room, the bed room, the recreation room – and now the healing room has arrived. It is time for the family to invest in their own private healthcare facility where even the family pet can benefit from it’s use. But where will the public go to learn about Tesla’s form of energy medicine? The medical universities are not going to teach the doctors about Tesla medicine if the insurance companies are not willing to cover it for their patient’s use so learning about it from their doctor is probably not going to happen. The public education system is not going to teach us either as there are no text books on the subject.  The medical device manufacturers can’t produce training materials for the real intended use of their products because that would require them to make medical claims which they are prohibited from doing so. They are sold as “wellness” devices where no claims can be made.

Nature Medicine to the Rescue

“The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of mankind.” Nikola Tesla

That statement by Tesla rings so true to me. He was a gifted human being inspired by the cosmos to introduce the world to electricity to lift the human condition. He died in poverty because he was more concerned about being of service to mankind than he was for his own general wellbeing. In his final days of retirement, as a charitable gift, Nikola Tesla was given a comfortable free room and board in room #3327 on the 33rd floor of the Hotel New Yorker in New York City. He wanted no material things to own other than the materials to create a device to end world war two and heal the suffering of humanity.  He ate only milk, honey and vegetable soup, not because the was starving, it was because he did not want animals to die for his food and knew about the ancient magical miracle healing properties contained within unpasteurized honeybee products.

To recharge his body he used nature medicine that consisted of daily 8km walks though New York’s Central Park and fed the wildlife that lived there. He brought home an injured pigeon and healed it with his brand of medicine which resulted in a most unusual mental bond – he believed that the bird could read his thoughts. He would just open the windows of his room, think of his pigeon, summon it and it would fly into his hand. He stated that he loved that bird as much as a man loves a woman. When that bird died, Tesla knew that his mission on Earth was complete and he retired.

That story of Tesla, for most people is often one that creates sadness. He gave so much of himself to the world and died alone – penniless. However if one were to compare Tesla to a Yogi master who chooses a life of spiritual enlightenment in seclusion, no wants of material possessions, a vegetarian and celibate too – you might want to reconsider how unfortunate he was as this was the life he chose for himself. He may have died alone, but over two thousand people attended his funeral. His ashes are placed in a globe that is housed inside the Tesla Museum in Serbia, a country that places his face on it’s money to honour his achievements.

“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle. Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine Nikola Tesla 

There is definitely a buzz going on in regards to the inventions of Tesla. Elon Musk, a brilliant man with similar inspirations has named a car after him. Statues of Tesla are now being erected all over the world. The city were I was born, Hamilton Ontario Canada has renamed a major street after him and runs yearly events called the Hamilton Tesla Electric Festival. The popular event showcases his inventions which include magnetic field therapy devices made by local medical device manufactures that have named their devices after the inventor – introducing the TeslaTron.

The Public is Confused

Along with this awakening of all things Tesla, the commercialization aspect of his name soon follows and with it comes a wide variety of disinformation suited to make a quick buck. When Tesla invented and demonstrated his wonderful healing machines – out came the charlatans to capitalize on it without doing the research to fully understand the complexities of how they worked. Many electrotheraputic devices now coming to market under the umbrella of Tesla medicine are highly suspect, have no published research to back up any claims and are sold by persons that don’t fully understand the complexities of frequencies which is extremely important. I have personally learned after 10 years of testing these devices they can offer up some dramatic healing reactions as the body detoxes through the skin too quickly.

In 2011, The Dr. OZ show introduced the world to PEMF – Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields as being the most exciting technology he has ever seen to treat pain. PEMF then became he buzz word to market Tesla’s healing machines – if it was PEMF, it was a healing machine.  EMF’s were considered to be harmful which is a completely wrong interpretation of the application of the magnetic field. WiFi and Bluetooth is considered to be harmful if the transmitter is placed too close to the body is also PEMF.

As we move up the magnetic spectrum to the realms of invisible ultraviolet light, Tesla discovered that he could illuminate his body as a cold corona discharge just by standing beside his spiral Tesla coils that were energized by his high frequency apparatus.  This ultraviolet light consisted of many  tiny lightning bolts on the surface of his skin and it produced a concentrated form of oxygen called ozone which killed any microorganism on and near his body. Tesla eventually patented and manufactured Ozone machines and sold ozonated olive oil to doctors to treat infections. The handheld violet ray was a portable version of his high frequency apparatus and it became so popular it was sold in Sears catalogs.  Ultraviolet light was used to treat rickets, tuberculosis, psoriasis and many skin diseases.

When patent drugs were invented to treat these diseases, ultraviolet light was demonized as a cause of skin cancer and ozone became a toxic air pollutant.  Ultraviolet light and Ozone is still extremely popular in the former soviet republics and in the German speaking countries of Europe, but even today the majority of well meaning alternative medicine websites still believe that ozone in the air and ultraviolet light is dangerous to humans. It most certainly is if you are overexposed to it. It’s all about the dose as is any medicine and the Russians and Germans have figured that all out many many years ago.

So What is the Public To Do?

When seeking treatments for their disease, the majority of the population here in North America now type a few words into their favourite search engine and pray to God that the right answer shows itself. They then start clicking away and usually are attracted to the websites that are either pretty looking or feature someone that is famous that they can relate to. Most importanly they look for honesty. In the case of Tesla energy medicine, they are faced with a multitude of websites from competing manufactures who state that their device offers the best frequencies and some compare theirs to the competition in a very deceiving manner.  Some salesman with little medical experience self publish books that often mislead the reader to believe that one particular product is the best one – the one that they sell. I have found that most sales staff, especially those in multilevel marketing products to be extremely lacking in any technical knowledge about the device.

I really can’t fault them. If we go back to the time where Tesla’s medicine was being removed from places of higher education, the only places that carried on the research and education were in the former Soviet Union or Germany so there is still a language barrier there.  Since the coast is now clear in regards to importing and licensing energy therapy medical devices, there is a flood of information coming out now in scientific publications. Unfortunately, to gain credibility with their fellow piers, the authors of these studies write using a technical language that is so complicated and dry, even the abstract is confusing and usually leaves the student with a message that “more research is needed.”

In reality, people don’t like to read – they want to short videos that are well produced and prove a point quickly. Unfortunately, that is too complicated for a scientist to achieve and it really does not impress the deans where they are employed to research of teach. Grants are not awarded to the scientists that produce the slickest video. Scientists want to be published in popular journals in the same way music artists want to have their music featured in Billboard.

The Purpose of our Healing Fields Project.

The scope of this project is vast and varied and it will remain an ongoing educational service to review and feature energy therapy devices and methods as they come to market. Our footage is in the can and we are currently editing several episodes and companion books that we will offer to the public. I list the projects below.

  • A 90 minute feature documentary that details the history of Nikola Tesla’s medical inventions how they have developed into the modern “Energy Therapy” devices that we have available today. The Healing Fields themes of sound, light and electromagnetic field therapy.
  • An interactive behind the scenes personal diary of Robert W. Connolly called “The Secrets Inside The Healing Fields” that details his ten year journey in search of Tesla’s lost medical technology. Every step of the journey was videotaped in high definition using a wide variety of scientific cameras that include microscopic, infrared, ultraviolet and electrography. Go behind the scenes and learn about his trials and tribulations of the good bad and ugly side of the energy medicine business.
  • A companion educational interactive eBook “The Science Inside the Healing Field which details scientific published research in North America, the former Soviet Union and in the German speaking countries of Europe written by Dr. Magda Havas.
  • A music album featuring the sound of plants in Nature.  Learn how Robert Connolly grew plants using electromagnetic fields and eventually got them to perform music via custom bio-feedback lie detection software using previous research carried out by Cleve Baxter.