The Perils and Promises of Tesla’s Inventions

We are standing at the edge of a completly new dimension of healthcare. It’s based upon oscillating frequencies that are regulated by quartz crystals and delivered by machines via Tesla’s most famous invention – The Tesla Coil. That invention also lies at the heart of our telecommunication industry and with it comes healing and harm to plants, animals and humans.

Tesla exposed himself to tremendous amounts of harmful electromagnetic fields that were absorbed by water within his body, just like water absorbs the frequencies and gets hot inside a microwave oven.  Tesla found ways to purge these harmful fields by using his medical devices and the gifts from mother nature.  By altering the frequency generator to deliver magnetic fields that were nourishing, he could reset his body’s cells back to the natural resonance.  However Tesla knew that it was more important to take the real nature medicine that consisted of long daily 8km walks through Central Park to absorb the natural magnetic fields of the earth, the ultraviolet light of the sun and breath in the oxygen from the trees.

For those of you that are addicted to Tesla’s technology, you need to be aware that it comes with great peril unless you practice nature medicine to counter the side effects that comes along with any overexposures to a particular food, drug or frequency.  It’s all about the dose.  If you spend too much time indoors sitting in front of a wireless computer, or laying in bed with a portable tablet on your lap while listening to music on your cell phone via a wireless headset – you most likely will feel the side effects of the microwave frequencies that are used for wireless connectivity.

If you ignore the warning signs like I did, such as the phantom vibration ring in your hip pocket when the cell phone is placed on the nightstand, the headaches, pains in your shoulders and back, the nausea, ringing in the ears and brain fog – it can turn into a serious disease. To counter these frequencies, you have to add a daily digital detox to your routine. Get out into nature and run or walk and especially leave all of your gadgets behind and that includes your cell phone. Listen to the sound of nature, absorb the sun on your body, breathe the fresh air in the forest, eat lunch of unprocessed locally grown fresh food and raw honey – just like Tesla did.

At home, put your WiFi on a timer that turns itself off at night and sleep in a bedroom that has no artificial electromagnetic fields. Emulate camping outdoors in the forest so only the earth’s natural fields are reaching you. This is the time the cells of your body go from defending you from environmental stress and toxins that are encountered in your daily life, to the attack mode to search out and destroy any viruses that may have invaded your body.

Our series of films are all about living safely with medical and wireless communication technology. We are not advising no technology.  In addition to this, we ask you to consider Energy Therapy as a complimentary medicine. It makes pharmaceuticals more effective with less side effects. Naturopaths appreciate the enhanced effect it has on herbal remedies. Massage therapists note that inflammation is reduced quickly. Even the world of Hot Yoga that uses infrared heat of the sun has embraced electromagnetic mats that emulate the earth.

p.s.  Animals love it too as you will see in our film……