The Perils and Promises of Tesla’s Inventions

We are standing at the edge of a completely new dimension of healthcare. It’s based upon oscillating frequencies that are regulated by silicon quartz crystals and delivered via Tesla’s most famous invention – The Tesla Coil. That invention also lies at the heart of our telecommunication industry and with it comes the potential of healing and harm to plants, animals and humans.

During his daily activities, Nikola Tesla exposed himself to tremendous amounts of electric fields that were absorbed by water within his body, just like water absorbs the frequencies inside a microwave oven.  While standing in front of his Tesla coils, he safely demonstrated how this electrical energy could illuminate a fluorescent light without wires just by holding it in his hand. He felt no pain because the electrical energy that was being absorbed by his body was alternating at a very high frequency and out of the range where the nerves are stimulated.  However, he also discovered that there were limits to the duration of these exposures. Short durations were healthy and invigorating – long durations placed strain on his nervous system and it eventually caused him fatigue.

By experimenting on himself, he discovered some frequencies and wave shapes were beneficial while others were harmful. Tesla eventually constructed medical devices that emulated the gifts from mother nature.  By altering his oscillator – now known as a  frequency generator, he could deliver magnetic fields to his body that were nourishing. He could reset his overstimulated cells back to the natural resonance that is provided by the geomagnetic fields of the Earth.  However, Tesla instinctively knew that it was more important to immerse himself in nature that consisted of long daily walks through Central Park to absorb the natural magnetic fields of the earth, the ultraviolet light of the sun and to breath in the oxygen and ozone from the trees.

Tesla invented radio waves that are used in our modern broadcast radio transmissions and in our personal wireless communication devices. For those of you that are addicted to Tesla’s wireless technology, you might want to follow in Tesla’s footsteps and practice  nature medicine to counter the side effects that comes with any prolonged overexposures to one particular frequency.  It’s all about the dose.  If you spend too much time indoors sitting in front of a wireless computer, talking on portable phones, only listening to music on wireless headsets etc. – you most likely will begin to feel the side effects from chronic exposures as fatigue just like Tesla did.

If you ignore the warning signs like I did, such as the phantom vibration ring in my hip pocket where I kept my cell phone, you may begin to experience a wide variety of symptoms that your healthcare practitioner will attribute to stress. For me it eventually turned into anxiety and a dreadful depression. After many years of suffering, I discovered by accident that I needed to balance my work in technology with outdoor activities in nature – preferably when possible – daily long walks in the forest just like Tesla did.

I appreciate the capability that our modern communication technology has provided me with. I basically created the entire series of Tesla feature films in my bright living room or in my dark bacement audio/video music studio by using several Macintosh computers while being immersed inside a room full of electromagnetic fields.  To counter the negative effects of this modern technology, I now add a daily digital detox to my routine. Every other morning I spend 30 minutes on my Tesla mat to energize my body and then I get out into nature to walk a few miles. I leave all of my digital gadgets behind. I listen to the sound of nature, the chirping birds, the wind in the trees and sometimes the sound of the waves of the ocean.  At noon I take a short lunch outdoors in the the sun and at the end of the workday – I watch the sunset just like Tesla did and say my thanks to the Universe for giving me back my health.

Try to create a home that emulates living in a log cabin in the forest – away from the electricity and smog of the big cities. Use powerline ethernet adapters and your home’s electrical circuits to get your internet connections. Put your WiFi on a timer that turns itself off at night and try to sleep in a bedroom that has no man made electromagnetic fields. Ideally your bedroom should be a place that emulates camping outdoors in the forest so only the earth’s natural geomagnetic fields are reaching you. Now, while you sleep, there will be no stress on your nervous system and the cells in your body will regenerate.

Our series of films are all about living safely with Tesla’s medical and wireless communication technology.  In addition, we ask you to consider Tesla’s Energy Therapy as a complimentary medicine. Tesla’s Medicine makes pharmaceuticals more effective with less side effects.