The War of Currents

While most people know the name Tesla either as an award winning electric car or as the inventor of (AC) alternating current electricity, few people realize that he is also the father of advanced electromagnetic field frequency therapy. Conspiracy theorists often proclaim that Tesla’s name was withheld from our western textbooks because of the free energy machines that he tried to introduce, but during the course of the production of my film, I have come to realize that it’s more likely that Tesla’s electrotherapeutic devices probably got him omitted from institutions of all higher learning. Tesla was now advising government officials to embed energized Tesla coils into classrooms and hospitals to not only keep the inhabitants healthy, but to make them more intelligent, grow stronger, taller and live longer!

At the turn of the century, Edison and Tesla had been at war over the format of current that was going to run the generators at Niagara Falls. Edison was filming the electrocution of elephants and humans using Tesla’s AC electricity and stated that it was extremely dangerous to humans. To counter these claims, Tesla created healing frequency machines and personally demonstrated that AC electricity could be used to cure almost any disease. Tesla provided audiences of electricians stunning demonstrations that showed high frequency cold corona discharges of blue and ultraviolet light currents flowing safely through and all over his body. He turned of the lights – stood in front of his large flat iconic spiral Tesla coil and literally glowed blue. He stated that he took these electric light baths regularly to throw off the deadly viruses and germs that caused so much disease at that time.

Witnessing these demonstrations, the electricians in the audience saw a future in healthcare.  The Electrotherapeutic Society was formed in 1890 and electrotherapy quickly grew in popularity.

In the picture below that was published in 1906 in the New York Recorder, Tesla demonstrates how to treat blindness using a hand held electromagnetic coil that is in resonance with a larger electromagnetic coil.  Tesla was known to never shake hands for fear of catching germs, but when providing magnetic field therapy – he placed himself in series with the electric current. In the picture below, he holds the hand of Broadway Rouss who is blind.  They each hold an electrode that is attached to an end of small coil of wire.  The large electromagnetic coil below would energize the smaller coil held above by the principal of induction. The closer the coil – the higher the current that would pass threw Tesla to his patient and back to him.  What is so notable in this newspaper drawing is that it demonstrates that Tesla’s personal bio-electromagnetic “healing field” was being transferred to the patient. Tesla was sharing his life force.

Nikola Tesla Healing Rouse

The word of Tesla’s miracle healing field machines spread and eventually brought him investors to allow him to  incorporate the Tesla Electrotherapeutic Company in 1906 with an astounding $200,000 (roughly 6 million dollars today) in startup money.  Colleges and private schools began to teach electrotherapy. Medical health devices based on the magnetic fields from his patented “Tesla Coil” became extremely popular.

Tesla taught that the secrets lie in the “effects of a distinct nature due to electrical waves or oscillations, that is, impulses in which the electrical energy is alternately passing in more or less rapid succession through the static and dynamic forms.”

Tesla was describing the use of oscillating alternating electromagnetic fields at various frequencies using a Tesla coil of wire.