Live Screenings for Tesla’s Medicine

Robert Connolly lectures at Science Centre in Toronto

Live presentation with music and demonstration of Tesla medical technology.

Run your own Tesla’s Medicine Film Festival

As you can see by the film festival laurels on our home page and in our film trailer, it appeared  in over 30 film festivals and from these, we won 12 awards that included 3 for best soundtrack. Tesla’s Medicine was made for the big screen in surround sound with a live lecture format.  If you would like to host a live Tesla’s Medicine presentation in your city, or just obtain a DCP file to use for projection in your favourite movie theatre where you can rent, sell tickets and make some money too, we welcome your help in getting the message out there.

Nikola Tesla’s  most famous quote – “If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe – think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” sets the stage for our live interactive lecture presentations. The film introduces the audience to the secret frequencies of “Nature” and demonstrates how Nikola Tesla’s inventions in magnetic field therapy could emulate or recreate the healing resonant frequencies of the Earth and the Sun.

With the aid of complex 3D computer graphics, an original custom music score in 5.1 surround sound and live music too. Rare historical archival pictures, film, newspaper articles and patents present a rare “lost” history of Nikola Tesla’s research in electromagnetism.  The audience will learn about the unusual methods that Tesla employed on himself to treat his life threatening depressive episodes.

During live public performances, Robert (Bob) Connolly guides the audience on a feature length music-video journey, using his feature film as speaker support material, through Eastern and Western Europe to discover where Tesla’s magnetic field therapy is still alive and well, flourishing as complimentary regenerative medicine.

Bob Connolly often demonstrates on stage the wide variety of ultra-modern European Star Trek type energy medicine “wellness” Med-Beds that can now be purchased legally for clinical use and for private personal use in the home. You will learn how they are manufactured in high tech Swiss, German, Italian and Austrian factories. Experts in bio magnetic field therapy explain how they regenerate the human body to optimize the immune system. Welcome to the world of personalized privatized medicine.

Question and answer periods with the producer/director – Robert Connolly follow the film and lecture.

The live events, place a special emphasis on FDA and Health Canada licensed medical energy medicine machines to treat both acute, chronic and once considered incurable diseases by employing the use of specific “frequencies” of electromagnetic fields.  Tesla’s secrets in Energy, Frequency and Vibration are revealed to the audience. Meet the licensed manufacturers at the live events and then, depending on the available space, experience them for yourself during and after the event.

The pictures below provide a sample of what you can experience at a Tesla Medicine Health Festival event.

Health Canada Licensed Magnetic Field Therapy PEMF mat on display at event.


Tesla light therapy machines are on display that live Tesla’s Medicine event.

Live singing and music vibration from singing bowls are presented before and after live events.


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